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Travel Paradise - Queenstown New Zealand

Travel Paradise - Queenstown New Zealand
(My photo taken in Queenstown, see more at My Photograpy)
Queenstown is the world capital and a home of bungy jump. This is a travel paradise for the adventures who are most like the adventure activities as Queenstown has many of the adventure activities which are interesting and surprising. For example, bungy jump, jet boating, skydiving, white water rafting, mountain biking, skateboarding....

In winter, many skiers and snowboarder will come to Queenstown for the fun at the annual winter festival. Wine tasting is also popular in Queenstown.

Queenstown is considered a small city as the population is not many, however, compare to other town, she is larger than others. There is a research in Year 2006, the population of Queenstown is about 23 thousands. You may refer to here for more information.

For activities in Queenstown, some adventure activities are recommended here:

My Experience
To me, the people live in Queenstown is very lucky with happiness as there is a beautiful town covered fully by the natural scenic landscape.

We arrived in Queenstown is about noon, sunny and windy day but cold. We staying in YHA Queenstown which is facing to lake. Have a very nice view from the window of my room.

The town is centralized, many shops but the road is small. Many visitors were shopping at the time, cars shuttle here and there, is a crowded city. Queenstown has a limitation of parking in the city center, maybe we are visitor and first time be here, so we were not familiar here and unable to find the car park easily. And there is parking charge for every car park lot in the town. End up, we gave up driving, we walk to city instead of driving into there.

After we checked in to YHA, we went to Skyline Queenstown which is located at a corner of the city, located an easy 5 minutes walk from central Queenstown. The ticket is about NZ$25 per person for a day, it is not limitation of times you entry for a day, is a day ticket. Skyline a fun couple-of-hours activity but best of all, it offers a great view over the town, with the remarkable and lake. Views from the top were absolutely beautiful. Able to see 270 degrees. For the photography, this is the point you must visit if you like to take photo. We have spent about 1 and half hours at the view point.

JetBoat is also a recommended activity which I have spent sometimes and money on it. The activity provider will bring you around from the port to the end about 1 hour trip, is quite interesting as the power of JetBoat is very powelful especially the driving spin the boat, wow!!! you willl definitely get wet after this. I got an offer price on it about NZ$55 per person from internet, about half price of it, you may book it advance from internet to get a promotion price. In addition, to check the weather forecast on the day before to make sure the day is under good condition otherwise the activity might be cancelled due to the bad weather condition.

At the lakeside, there is a market selling some soveniurs, craft, drawing and other collections for visitors, many people are shopping there and also have a band playing music there. Nice!!!

About the food, Fergburger is the most famous in Queenstown, every visitor come here will definitely try this burger. In the menu, got one burger called BIG AL cost about NZ$17. It is a double size of the normal burger. I bought one and share with my wife as is really big enough for two of us. The taste is quite nice and suit to us.

Another I want to recommend for the food is the fish and chips where is a stall just beside the lake called EICHARDT's, the fish and chips is cheap, delicious but the size is big as well, able to feed both of us. See the picture below:

(This is the stall, my wife was giving a victory for shooting ^.^)
(yummy ^.^)

In the evening, about 7-8pm, there was a beautiful sunset viewed from the lake to the mountain, the colour of the sky, the composition of the lake and mountain, the matching of the port and city......everything is perfect!! The is the travel paradise for the photographer. I have taken few nice shoots here which I love them very much.

In night, not like the other small town, Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, Franz Joseph....Queenstown has their night life here, many people are still active in the night and quite happening.

Unfortunately, we stayed in Queenstown for 2 days 1 night which is not sufficient time to have a deeper explore in Queenstown. Most of the visitors will spend about 2-3 days here for exploring more as Queenstown has many interesting activities, which I mentioned above.

Conclusion, Queesntown is really Stunning!!!!

Share some photos taken by myself:








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