Travel Paradise - Lake Matherson

Travel Paradise - Lake Matherson
Sunset over Lake Matheson
(Image from Richard Boit, share at Flickr)
The location of the Lake Matheson is at the west side of the town of FOX Glacier, is about 10 minutes driving time from the town to there.

The reason why Lake Matheson is famous is due to the lake reflection on the water where the Mt Cook and Tasman will be on the lake.

There is a walking time of  about 1 and half hours to complete the whole trekking from the the Lake Matheson, from the west to east. There are 2 entrance, one is from East entrance and another from West Entrance. If you would like to save time, you may go from East entrance which will only spend you about half and hour to reach the Jetty View Point to see the reflection, then spend another half and hour to go back, total 1 hour walking time. However, if you like photography or taking photo, you may choose for West entrance as there are some stunning landscape, also can back to the nature.

At outside of the lake, there is a souvenir shop and a cafe food shop, quite many of the visitor are having their food there where the landscape is really stunning.

If you are not driving, the Magic Bus and Kiwi Bus will also reach this location.

My Experience
After I knew that the FOX trekking was canceled, we changed our plan to visit Lake Matheson on the day. I went from the West entrance and spend 1.5 - 2 hours for trekking and taking photos.

Not everyone can really see the reflection as due to the weather condition. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the good reflection as the water is not quiet enough to show us, was a windy day. That is the reason why I always say to check the weather forecast before you attend the activity in New Zealand.

Bear in mind to bring water and food, is a tiring exercise actually.

Was really tired, so after the trekking, we decided to have a big meal at Franz Josef, also to celebrate our honeymoon.

Here are our meals, yummy!!!:

(this is the shop we had our dinner)

Share some of my photos here:

(This is the trekking map at Lake Matheson)

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  1. pray hard for me, i wan to go FOX and join the full day tour :)


  2. Will be a great experience, don't worry, you definitely will enjoy this tour.

  3. 我每天都遇到好天气,我也看到这个镜子湖,实在美到!!!我觉得南岛是我的lucky place 我短期内应该再回去﹏﹏﹏﹏

  4. lz...我突然發現, 你最後那棵樹的照片, 我也有拍咧!!!

    litXmas :)

  5. 当天我去的时候满晒的,所以没有拍得那么的好....也找不到很好的角度和构图。。。

  6. 你真的很幸运了,我看不到mirror lake呀 :(


  7. 我也是很想再回去,就是金钱和时间上的问题了。。。

  8. 我觉得我是超幸运的。我去冰川,天气好,去skydive 天气好,去看镜子湖,天气也很好。连一年209多天都会下雨的西海岸也天气好~﹏﹏﹏所以我才说 ,南岛是我的幸运place!!!

  9. 哈哈,你这样幸运,那下次我要跟你一起再回去了,可以沾沾你的运气 :) 哈哈


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