To Apply YHA Membership? Or BBH Membership?

To Apply YHA Membership? Or BBH Membership?
New Zealand
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For the budget backpackers there are several ways to save money, one of these is looking for the cheaper accommodation.

We are always looking for the accommodations as cheap as possible. YHA and BBH in New Zealand are very popular for backpacker who do not really care about the high quality of living, what they are care about is "how much to spend".

During my honeymoon in New Zealand, I did stay in YHA and BBH. Even though they are consider budget motel, but you are really find that some of them are in quality service and living.

So now, which membership we need to apply, YHA or BBH? Which one can help us to save more money. What we need to do now is to differentiate this two companies.

YHA ( actually is a international organisation which provide accommodation to the public, they are all around the world; which BBH ( is only stationed in New Zealand, main operation is in New Zealand with about 200 plus of properties. Overall, BBH is cheaper than YHA.

The advantage and disadvantage of YHA
Advantage: It is very easy to apply the membership in the world as international, and the membership can be used not only in New Zealand but also in other places where provided YHA accommodation. There is a discount of NZ$3-5 per day.

Disadvantage: Compare to BBH, YHA is not so popular in New Zealand where not every location has YHA accommodation. YHA does not exist in some of the small towns. For the pricing is always higher then BBH about NZ$3-5.

The membership is about NZ$40 per year.

The advantage and disadvantage of BBH
Advantage: Although the membership is cost of NZ$45 per year, however, there is a free phone call of NZ$20 come with the membership card, means the cost of the membership is just NZ$25 per year. Is cheaper than YHA membership. Although, BBH is a local company, we still can apply the membership through internet and they will send the card to your home place outside New Zealand.

Disadvantage: Personally, I think YHA is more well-structured, some of the YHA's facility and the living condition are better than BBH. Regarding the living standard and location, which overall cannot compete with YHA. (For this sentence, I got a comment from forum said is nonsense. I don't this I am wrong as My experience told me that that it is. As different people have different view of points, so I don't think I am wrong.)

Living condition and quality
YHA - New Zealand government is very cared about the tourism controlled. Thus, they have set a standard rules for the tourism business to follow accordingly. In addition of this, the government will give the Mark for the business provider. In some of the main city, YHA will be marked as 4-5 stars (5 stars is max), 4-5 stars is considered with a good living condition, whereas, some YHA in some towns is about 3 stars, mean not really standard.

BBH - The Stars of BBH will be given by the customer, based on the BPP%. The customer will give their mark on the internet, if 85-90% is a really good accommodation (is about 5 stars), 80-85% is about 4 stars, 70-80% is about 3 stars. Overall, the BBH is doing a franchise, and most of them operated by a single owner, family business. So, they can maintain the level of caring the customer. However, due to difference owner, the method of operation is not a standard way and the decoration is not standard as well.

As a conclusion, you may only apply for 1 membership and stay for only one provider, either BBH or YHA, this can save money. I did not apply any as I would like to try this two service provider, some more is not worth to apply for this short period.


  1. I think in general this is very true. Most YHA hostels seem to have high standards. Where as there are some shabby BBH Hostels. The BBP rating that is giving to the BBH hostels usually are really accurate. So you can go very much on those.


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