New Zealand Honeymoon - Skydiving Lake Wanaka

New Zealand Honeymoon - Skydiving Lake Wanaka
Skydiving at Lake Wanaka - Wow!!!!
See the picture above, the little red shirt guy is ME!!!! Wow, this was the most amazing moment I have in Wanaka, New Zealand!! Thanks for the photographer helped me to take this picture, I am really like this image as the great composition and lighting effect on it.

There are few skydiving providers in New Zealand, I have went through some forums and realised that if you want to enjoy the skydiving, you must to Wanaka for your first try. Skydive Lake Wanaka provide you an excellent service, you will find it very interesting, and which is the only one skydiving service provider in Wanaka.

The Skydive price and package from  Skydive Lake Wanaka:

15,000 FT
12,000 FT
ULTIMATE Skydive Package
Skydive with Cameraflyer Freefall DVD, Picture CD, Handi-Cam DVD and FREE t-shirt*
*15,000 FT ONLY
NZD 699
NZD 599

DVD & Picture CD Package
Skydive with Cameraflyer Freefall DVD and Picture CD
NZD 598
NZD 498

Handi-Cam DVD / Picture CD Package
Skydive with Handi-Cam Freefall DVD or Picture CD
NZD 538
NZD 438

Skydive only
NZD 399
NZD 299

For 15000fts, is about 60 seconds while 12000fts is about 45 seconds.

This provider actually is having promotion for this November'11, you will enjoy NZ$30 to spend on a Skydive DVD or Skydive clothing at the Dropzone, but only valid in November 2011.

There are some restrictions/limitations/notes you need to take note when doing skydiving:
1. your weight may not exceed 100kg. You need to be in a reasonable physical condition to skydive although a physical disability may not necessarily be a barrier to tandem skydiving. (You’ll complete a medical statement before your skydive).
2. For safety reasons you are not able to take anything in the plane with you.
3. You are not allowed to go in the plane without jumping.
4. They do not jump is the weather is not good. However, the general weather in Wanaka is always pretty good, the annual rainfall is low and always has a clear sunny day.

I do remember Skydive Lake Wanaka provides free transport for you. They will fetch you from your homeplace to the dropzone, but the location is nearby Wanaka. They do not provide free transport from Queenstown to Wanaka.

My Experience
As this activity was not in my initial budget at the first place. We were hesitating whether we want to join this activity when we prepare the itinerary, the cost is really high for both of us, my wife and myself. We still yet decided when we reach New Zealand and only decided to get this on the day we arrive Wanaka after consulted my friends who were having working holiday in New Zealand and their comment is "YES Must Try". Hence, we do not really want to miss out this good opportunity to have this great experience on Skydiving, we joined this finally!!

This is my honeymoon, we want to give ourselves a wonderful moment, so we decided to have the jump of 15,000fts and cost of NZ$598 per person which include Cameraflyer Freefall DVD and Picture CD, total had spent NZ$1,196 for both of us... :( but worth!!

We stayed in Wanaka for 2 days, the 1st day in Wanaka was a raining day which was not a good weather for skydiving and the service provider did not jump on the day. Hopefully, the next day having a very clear sunny day and with no cloud hanging on the sky, we are considered lucky. From the Skydive's website adivise that the jumper should check the weather 30 mins before the booking time to ensure they do jump on the day. So, please do it accordingly if you really want to JUPM!!!

One of the coincidence was this, I met up my friends from Malaysia where we never arranged, what a coincidence. She came New Zealand for working holiday for 6 months and they came for Skydiving on that day, so we jumped together...haahaa!! Is a exciting and happy day!!

I do not really advise the potential player to book in advance far ahead as the uncertain weather condition as the weather changing very fast in New Zealand. What I advise that to book in 1-2 days ahead after checking up the weather forecast. Or else, you can walk in on the day actually. I did call up the make booking 1 day before.

When I arrived the Dropzone, I was brought to a presentation room which playing the video to show us the technique when we are jumping and on sky (for first time jumper). The video will teach you what you should need to do on plane, and what kind of pattern/body movement when on sky. Some more, the personnel will brief you some terms and condition, you need to sign off the confirmation of physical condition and understanding of the terms of condition. After that, personnel brought us to counter to register and check our weight to ensure not exceeding 100kg.

After this, you will be gotten your skydive cloth and accessories, wear it and standby at the waiting area. As the provider only has a plane, we have been waited there for about 1 hour. The capacity of the plane is only for 12 persons (4 customers, 4 photographers and 4 skydivers). In between, the skydiver who in-charge the photography and video recording who will interview you with video recording, will chit chat with you, they will make it a bit funny.

Now is you turn!!! We embarked on plane and have a sit. The skydiver will take care of you. Before jumping, the plane will fly around the Wanaka and keep rising for spending about 10 minutes to reach 15000fts, during this 10 minutes you can view the two lakes in Wanaka, what a fabulous scenery here!!! The skydiver will give you oxygen when reach about 12000fts. Honestly, I was really nervous when reaching 15000fts and was having a bit difficulty in breathing, but getting better after having the oxygen.

Then what is now???!!! Yes, is FLYING!!!! See photos below for my first flying, yeah!!!~~~ 

For the picture and video recording, I am thinking that all are depending on the photographer.  Overall, the video and photos taken for my wife are better than mine, And one of my friend having the pictures which have black colour at the conner of all the pictures, is sad, so the service provider compensated a free gift to her. It is depending your photographer's skill. All is luck. 

Share some photos here:


  1. 請問一下,不管什麼packege, 都會有人陪你跳?
    還是自己一個人從飛機上面跳下來? 很害怕咧....


  2. i get the answer from your blog already :P

    no need pre book here :)


  3. Of course, you are not professional how can you jump can jump yourself if you pay more...just kidding ya :)

    You must try Skydive in Wanaka, this is definitely most memorable memory you will have in your life. Must try once in our life. Go Go Go!!!

  4. ya ya ya i tell myself, this is MUST!
    hopefully the weather is good,.. pray hard!
    i decide to take the 15,000 FT with NZ598 one...
    prahy hard, this is really a MUST for me!!

    lit Xmas

  5. 和大家報告 : 我安全回國了! 我帶著滿滿感恩的心回來了! 之前擔心開車迷路, 擔心不敢跳飛機, 擔心天氣不好的事情都沒發生! 感謝所有的網友Jack, 我老大yong jing, hero19, 老包, bensen 張, 感謝你們的幫忙!!! 感謝angee n jecy在工作上的backup, 感謝 Billy 每天弄我很pik cek, 感謝mak 每天不聞不問. 我90度鞠躬再一次感謝大家~~我看到了很美麗的紐西蘭:)

    p/s : 我去了skydivin, 一個字, 爽爽爽爽爽!! 我想再跳一次, 下次, 我要去18000!! 為了18000, 我一定要再回去nz!! wawawawawaw :P

    lit Xmas :)

  6. Welcome back!!!

    Very happy to hear this from you. Dont know why I am having a feeling of touching when I saw this message from you.

    Great guy, have a next travel plan then!!!

  7. 其實我人到了nz 是想要和你報平安的, 不過一直沒有的上網(上網很貴). 我plan 這driving 的trip, 你幫忙很多, 我很感恩 :) 而且真的很開心可以認識你 :)

    ~~我過海關的時候, 一切如你所說, no worries, everything will be fine. 海關的人好到..... (飆高音)
    竟然還compliment 我, "well done"(因為對方看我的plan, 住的, 地圖全部資料很complete :)

    ~~ 4月2號那天, 我因為去了pancake rock 所以遲回了CHC, 加上當天6.30天黑, 我開了2小時的山路:( 基本上我被嚇到, 算是很恐怖的經驗. 天黑後真的看不見路 :( 安全抵達CHC 後, 我鬆了一口氣, 只想到要好好感恩我現在所擁有的一切 :) 回想天黑開車的經驗, 現在想起來都會覺得很危險!!

    我會寫點心情在cari, 到時候請去留個腳印 :)



  8. 哈哈哈,那里上网真的是超贵的.我到那里上网也是省省用 :)

    多谢你这么支持我的blog,不必谢我,我们互相切磋,我也是很高兴认识你. :)


    那里晚上真的不鼓励驾车,太黑了而且没有路灯。这点是一个纽西兰应该改进的地方。 只要安全到达就好啦。


    好的,到时跟我说,我一定会在CARI留个脚印的。 帮我打打广告哦, 啊哈哈哈 :)

  9. 我一个人出发,就是真正的背包客,我一张机票就出发。但是,如之前所说,我带着妈妈出发,我一定要好好计划,至少我不能让她饿到,不能让她睡天桥低。我在规划的时候,也怀疑自己为什么变胆小去?后来回来后,我从妈妈口中知道答案了,她说我变的更成熟了,看事情看的更全面。 我自己也发现了,我的确有张大了。和你说哦,我之前去越南背包,因为被骗,还差点和一个当地流氓大打出手咧!你应该懂这感觉,因为你是带你太太出动,你任何决定都一定会先考虑她感受,对吧?小圣诞

  10. 另外,我把你的blog share with my collegue. 我觉得你写的很好!!﹏﹏

  11. 人是要经过历练才会成长的。有时感觉自己越来越成熟,但也觉得越来越老了。:(

    我还没去过越南,不过之前又想过要去的。。。是时候plan plan 了。。。 :)


    Thanks again~~~support support ya :)


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