New Zealand - Proposed Itineraries

(Image captured at Lake Matherson by myself)
New Zealand Honeymoon Proposed Itineraries

South Island

16 days Plan (the best itinerary)
1 Arrive Christchurch
2 Drive to Hokitika/Punakaiki
3 Drive to Franz Josef
5 Drive to Wanaka
6 Wanaka
7 Drive to Te Anau
8 Drive to Milford Sound - Te Anau
9 Drive to Queenstown
10 Queenstown
11 Queenstown
12 Drive to Dunedin
13 Drive to Mt Cook
14 Drive to Akaroa
15 Drive to Kaikoura
16 Drive to Christchurch

10 days plan (leisure plan)
1 Arrive Christchurch
2 Drive to Aoraki/Mt Cook - 332 km 4h50m
3 Explore at Mt Cook 
4 Drive to Wanaka - 206 km 3h
5 Explore Mt Aspiring National Park
6 Drive to Te Anau, glow worm caves - 230 km 3h20m
7 Explore Milford Sound, stay Te Anau
8 Drive to Queenstown - 174 km 2h32m
9 Explore at Queenstown
10 Fly home
12 days Plan (Fast paced plan)
1 Arrive Christchurch and drive to Oamaru - 246km 3hr25m
2 Drive to Dunedin - 119km 1.5hr
3 Drive to Te Anau - 291km 4hr
4 Drive to Milford Sound - 117km 1.5hr
5 Drive to Queenstown - 172km 2.25hr
Drive to Wanaka - 103km 1.25hr
Drive to Franz Josef - 284km 3.75hr
Drive to Greymouth - 173km 2.25hr
Drive to Nelson - 328km 4.25hr
10 Drive to Blenheim - 115km 1.15hr
11 Drive to Kaikoura - 129km 1.75hr
12 Drive back to Christchurch - 184km 2.25hr

13 days Plan (leisure plan)
1 Arrive Christchurch
2 Drive to Aoraki/Mt Cook - 332 km 4h50m
3 Explore Aoraki/Mt Cook
4 Drive to Wanaka - 206 km 3h
5 Drive to Dunedin - 279 km 4h2m
6 Explore Dunedin
7 Drive to Te Anau - 298 km  4h19m
8 Explore Milford Sound
9 Doubtful Sound overnight cruise 
10 Drive to Queenstown - 174 km 2h32m
11 Explore Queenstown
12 Wine tour Bannockburn and Gibbstown Valley
13 Fly home

Both Islands

26 days Plan
1 Auckland drive to Coromandel
2-3 Drive to Rotoroa (stay for 2 nights)
4 Drive to Gisborne
5 Drive to Napier ( or skip Napier and direct go to Taupo)
6 Drive to Taupo
7 Drive to Halmiton
8 Fly out of Auckland to Christchurch
9 Drive to Omaru
10 Drive to Dunedin
11 Dunedin
12 Drive to Te Anau
13 Milford Sound - Te Anau
14 Drive to Queenstown
15 Queenstown
16 Queenstown
17 Drive to Wanaka
18 Wanaka
19 Drive to Franz Josef
20 Franz Josef
21 Drive to Punakaiki
22 Drive to Nelson
23 Nelson
24 Drive to Kaikoura
25 Drive to Akaroa
25 Drive to Christchurch
26 Fly back
29 days Plan
1 Fly into Auckland
2 Auckland
3 & 4 Paiha
5 Snells Beach
6 Coramandel
7 & 8 Feb Rotorua
9 & 10 Napier
11 Wellington
12 Ferry to Picton (already booked)
13 & 14 Abel Tasman
15 Kaikoura
16 Christchurch Area
17 Mount Cook Village (already booked)
18 & 19 Dunedin
20 & 21 Te Anau (including Milford Sound)
22 & 23 Queenstown
24 & 25 Franz Joseph
26 Hokitika
27 Punakaiki
28 Christchurch Airport
29 Fly Home


  1. From a reader question:

    We are in Sydney jan 17-24, cairns Jan 25- feb 1 then we have a house in Ubud for three weeks . Then we are looking where to spend our time until march 2. The weather forecast for Ubud in feb is making me nervous so I'm thinking we only spend two weeks there and then head south east of Australia. NZ. :). I'd like to spend some time in the cook islands during that time. So if we have from feb 16-march 2 to see cooks and north and south islands NZ how should we split our time? Thanks and would you prefer to blog this?

  2. You have about 14 days in New Zealand, I would like to suggest you to travel in South Island instead of traveling around the both islands as there is no sufficient time to explore the whole. In addition, South Island is preferable than North Island.

    14 days is well enough to explore only South, while 7-9 days for North.

    If you don't mind, please refer to the above 16 days plan, you may skip the day 11 and 15.

  3. hi, i will be travelling in new zealand in October for 13 days...
    this is the itinary, would like to get the info from u...
    Day 1: 3pm reach christchurch - christchurch city tour ( stay:Christchurch)
    Day2 :Christchurch - kaikoura -Christchurch (Christchurch)
    Day 3: Christchurch - Arthurs' pass- Greymouth - Hokitika -Franz Joseph (FJ)
    Day 4: Franz Joseph- Hasst-wanaka ( wanaka)
    Day 5: Wanaka ( wanaka)
    Day 6: Wanaka-lake wanaka- lake Hawea-Queenstown ( Queenstown)
    Day 7: Queenstown city tour( Queenstown)
    Day 8: Queenstown - Te Anau -Milford Sound ( Te- Anau)
    Day 9: Te Anau- Dunedin ( Dudenin)
    Day 10: Dunedin ( Dudenin)
    Day 11: Dunedin-Mt Cook- lake Tekapo ( Mt Cook)
    Day 12: Lake Tekopo - Christchursh (Christchurch)
    Day 13: Christchurch- Malaysia


  4. Hi,

    Your itinerary seems quite rush. Are you youngsters?

    My itinerary actually quite closed to yours, I feel that mine is quite rush and no time to enjoy the trip there.

    Day 3: There is no time for you to visit Hokitika and Greymouth. The Arthur Pass is very beautiful, you may spend there a long time for taking photo. You need to plus and minus spending time on meal, toilet, rest, photography. Normally, we will estimate about 7 hours to reach FJ from CHC. If you want to visit both Greymouth and Hokitika, you may only can reach FJ at night time, most likely 9pm....some more, daytime is short in Oct. Drive slowly and carefully especially in night.

    Day 8: Also 7 hours driving.

    My advise is, maybe you can give up Kaikoura, greymouth and hokitika. So you can more time to arrange.


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