New Zealand Honeymoon - Wanaka

(Image captured at Lake Wanaka)
New Zealand Honeymoon - Wanaka
New Zealand Honeymoon Day 3

Wanaka Background
Situated on the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand's fourth-largest lake, just a short drive from Mount Aspiring National Park, the alpine South Island town of Wanaka appeals to both adventure lovers and resort-minded travelers. Fish in the river valleys, hike in summer or ski in winter, play the elevated golf course overlooking Lake Wanaka and sample wine from an area vineyard. The city also hosts Warbirds Over Wanaka, the largest three-day air show in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wanaka Population
The permanent population is 3,300. In the peak seasons this can swell to as many as 20,000.The census usually resident population count for Wanaka was 3,330, a change of 32.0 percent since 1996. 

Accomodation recommendation:
1. Easybook (recommended)
3. Bella Vista Wanaka (recommended)
4. Lakeview Motel (recommended)
5. BBH (recommended for budget backpacker)

Recommended activities:
1 Skydive Lake Wanaka (highly recommended)

My Experiences
After we stayed a night in Lake Tekapo, we moved forward to Wanaka in the next day morning around 10am. The distance from Lake Tekapo to Wanaka is about 200km and need about 3 hours driving time according to the google map.

On the way to Wanaka, there are really stunning sceneries which we have never seen before, we stopped at few amazing places which make me crazy on pressing my camera shutter in order to capture the wonderful moment.

Although there was a windy sunny day, the air is clear with the blue sky and misty clouds, the atmosphere was perfect. I like this picture, the landscape is just a picture we always see in gallery. You can see the water in the lake is blue-green colour, it is really difficult to find one in my country. I like New Zealand~~~After taking pictures, pictures and pictures....we have spent  quite a long time searching scenery to photography, end up we reach Wanaka is about 3pm, we spent 2 more hours to reach there.

My Accommodation in Lake Wanaka
We were staying in BBH Wanaka which cost me about NZ$68 a twin room per night for 1st night (we returned back from Franz Josef for second night, will give you picture in later part), we stayed there for a night. Full facilities but without air-condition, actually not necessary to have one as the whether there is really cold enough in the night. I would really highly recommend this budgeted accommodation as the environment is good, clean, tidy, full of facilities and just facing the Lake Wanaka, but only one shortfall is the parking is limited.

Share some pictures of BBH Wanaka for my first night:
View from my room
See the room above, my room is at second floow, clean, tidy, quite and the most important thing - big enough!!! Actually beside of the bed has a built-in cupboard and big mirror. wow~~~ However, we need to share the bathroom and toilet just outside the room with others travelers., but is okay for us.

Share some pictures of the room for second night when we back from Franz Josef, the cost is a bit higher at NZ$80 as this room is independent built-out from the rest, provided bath room cum toilet, direct facing Lake Wanaka.

My Activities in Lake Wanaka
For the activities, we went to the Puzzling Worldwhich is an interesting place. The entrance fees is NZ$15 for adult and NZ$10 for child (ticket for Great Maze + Illusion Room). I would say that you should go for the Maze if you really have spare time, is fun. 

(take note that this toilet is closed at 6pm everyday)

This is the Maze, it is 1.5km passage, according to them that we need about 30mins to 1 hour to complete the whole passage (depending on you skill....), seems is easy to pass through but please don't take it so easy. We played this maze, you need to find out four different destination which has a indication of colour. After you got the destination you will be managed to find the EXIT. Haha, I remember we spent about 40 mins but still failed to get the EXIT, but don't worry, there is a "shortcut" to EXIT, end up we used this "shortcut" to escape from this Maze...haha....

For the Illusion Room, this is actually not bad for the children for learning, quite interesting. Especially the Tilted House, which having a tilted vision for people.

The person on right hand conner is me!!!! I am so small....interesting.

Another part of activity is the skydive, I will talk about this in the next post. Click here.

Lake Wanaka is really a beautiful city, which is small, but just located beside the lake, having a stunning scenery especially in the morning. I have been seen at least 10 rainbows during this honeymoon in Lake Wanaka where I had been long long time did not see the rainbow.....woow....what a beautiful lakeside. Share some my photos here:

I am really like this photo, which has a good composition and lighting, and especially the double rainbows hanging on the sky. Nice rainbow giving people have a peaceful thought. This image was taken when there were in the mist and drizzle weather with a cold wind scratching on you body and face, it was under difficulty in taking this photo, but fortunately I was able to take this wonderful moment. 


    我也是先到TEKAPO 住, 然後再去MT COOK, 可是我是先到QUEENTOWN 才去WANAKA 咧...可以問問你我這樣走是否會比較順?




  2. The are of Wanaka is quite big, but Lake Wanaka is located at the center of the town.

    Your itinerary has no problem, enjoy :)

  3. 个人觉得wanaka 超漂亮的!!我的路线是顺时钟,我觉得我看到的view 是一个比一个漂亮。我在wanaka 住wanaka bakpaka, 客厅有一个白色大沙发,看出来去就是无敌景,实在爽到~﹏﹏﹏小圣诞

  4. Haha, I was having the same feeling as you!!!

  5. 原来你也是走不出迷宫,哈哈。。我和我娘亲也走不出咧﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏lit xmas

  6. hahah~~~you are also lousy haha~~~~ actually is very tiring but interesting.


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