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New Zealand Honeymoon - Lake Tekapo

Image captured in Summer - Lake Tekapo

New Zealand Honeymoon Day 2

We set off from Christchurh at about 12pm after we picked up our car from Ace Car Rental and straight away started our journey to Lake Tekapo. On the way to Lake Tekapo, there are many scenic scenery that attracted my attention for photography. It was a sunny day, clean air, blue sky, pure cloud and with perfect atmosphere. According to the map directory, the distance and traveling time is about 230km and 2 1/2 hrs respectively. The initial estimation arriving time is about 3pm, but I arrived at the destination around 5pm already. Fortunately, the sunset was started from 7pm, so we have much more time for fun there, in Summer.

What I know that there are not many interested activities provided in Lake Wanaka, the only one I felt interested is the astronomy, you can drive or hike up to the observatory on the summit of Mount John to see the astronomy in night. You can see the stars hanging around the whole sky even need not to use the telescope as the sky is so clear without any cloud blocking.

One thing I felt regrettable and need to blame myself is that I did not do the research properly before reaching Lake Tekapo as we did not visit the observatory on the summit of Mount John...sad man. However, we did go to the church in night around 11am to see the sky with full of stars, amazing!!! I like photography, so I brought along with my camera and tripod for photo shot the landscaping with full of stars. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a good picture as I forgot to bring my shutter release and also the weather problem. The season I visited Lake Tekapo was in Summer, but the temperature was felt below 10 degree Celsius around 11pm. (p/s:  for photography, we need release the shutter in open mood for more than 30 seconds in order to capture the movement of stars)

Lake Tekapo is a peaful village with low level (population) of local residence, there are only few restaurant in town. Some of the visitor they will not considering in staying overnight here as limited activities provided, the only thing they want to see is the lake view landscape. For photographing, the photographer will choose to stay here for few days to capture different angle, atmosphere like sunrise and sunset from different location....For myself, I had only stayed here for 1 night ,as limited time I have, but to me this is not enough for photography....

Lake Tekapo is a very small village, the population of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand is 330 according to the GeoNames geographical database.

 Time of sunrise and sunset for Lake Tekapo:

(daylight time)


I was stayed in YHA Lake Tekapo, but I don't like the arrangement as the double room provided to me is beside the pantry and also beside the bathroom...sad....

Here is the only room's picture I have taken:

Here some accommodations:
1. Easybook (recommended)

4. Alpine and sub-alpine trekking

Some images I have taken during the trip in Lake Tekapo:


Mauritius honeymoon said...

New Zealand is a truly beautiful place, my wife and I did consider going to New Zealand for our honeymoon but we did not fancy the long flight after our wedding day. But you shall be pleased to know that we are going to New Zealand in November! A bit of a wait but good things come to those who wait.

The Photography Tips said...

Really good to hear that you are going to New Zealand soon. Not so long to wait, you will be very excited when the day come!!!

Anonymous said...

boleh tanya kah? itu sunset for March i see from table show (20:24). it is mean the day still 光光like day time before 20:24?


The Travel Paradise said...

In March, I think is like Malaysia 6.45pm-7.00pm. The light is warm and and sun is going down, is the best time to capture and see the sun going down...

Anonymous said...

OH.... THX :)


Anonymous said...

我會在TEKAPO 住一個晚上, 請問爬MT JOHN 是不是晚上才爬? 很期待看到滿天星星列!!

by the way, no need blame yourself for missing the mt john. 因為醬你才有機會re - visit nz 咧!!
我喜歡的地方, 都會再回去 :P

lit Xmas

The Travel Paradise said...

Depend on what you want to see. Definitely in night if you want to see stars.

If you want to join the tour, there are day and night tours. For more info, you can visit here

You are right, giving myself a reason to go back NZ...hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

er, dun want to join tour leh...
i think i will walk walk around tekapo and night time climb the mt john :P

lit Xmas

The Travel Paradise said...

Ya, then go and watch stars and enjoy. Bear in mind to wear more cloths, very cold out there!!!

Anonymous said...

thx your advice.
hope can see many many many stars there... :P

lit Xmas

Anonymous said...

我看到了many many 的stars, 也爬上了 mt john ^0^


The Travel Paradise said...



Anonymous said...

很快乐看到这么多的星星,那种感觉像是小孩拿到糖一样﹏﹏我好久没这么简单的快乐ing litxmas ;)

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